Friday, July 22, 2016

Grace-full Nail Polish - The Rainbow Sparklers Collection

Press Sample

Hello all!

So there IS a life outside of work! It's called nail polish. It's the only way to stay sane. I've been working tons and I think my head would explode if I didn't constantly paint my nails. Boyfriend went to Florida for a long weekend and I stayed home and what did I do? Right! Painted my nails!

Grace-full is putting out a LOVELY set of polishes. They're a rainbow. Not kidding. ROYGBIV. Freaking. Rainbow. They're aptly named the Rainbow Sparklers. Each of them has a little extra oomph! Like microglitter or shifty. Look look!

Evening Dreams

Formula: Dreamy
Colour: pink blue purple orange gold flakes in a purple jelly base with a dusting of leetle holo microglitter. This one's my fave.



Rainbow Explosion

Formula: Fantastic
Colour: Black jelly base with multicolor flakies and little holo microglitters. Like a freaking firework on your nail.



Girly Madness

Formula: Madly awesome
Colour: Bright freaking pink holo with silver holo microglitter. 


Eye Searing

Formula: So much yas.
Colour: Bright orange and gold holo microglitter in a bright orange jelly base. SUPER SPARKLY!


Scarlet Sparkles

Formula: Sparklicious 
Colour: red holo with red and silver holo microglitter.


Sunshine Naps

Formula: Easy peasy
Colour: 3 shades of gold and a sprinkling of silver holo microglitter.


Lazy Afternoon

Formula: So easy a lazy person could do it.
Colour: Green jelly base with green/blue/gold flakies with some holo microglitter. The blue isn't super visible in this one but in certain angles it totally comes out to play.



Seaside Gazing

Formula: Great.
Colour: Blue holo with blue holo microglitter. 


I'm ready for a BBQ and some sparklers and adult beverages right now! This collection screams summer. Everything is bright and sparkly. Or it's all sorts of shifty but with rainbow explosions.

Just think of sitting by the beach or in a backyard singing "Rainbow Connection" with Kermit. That's what I do.

No issues with formula on these. 2 coats no top coat in all pictures. My favorite really is Evening Dreams just because it's so shifty and the holo in there makes it fun in the sun or in the shade...or at your desk...shhhhh.

The holos in this collection are LE and will not be available again after release. The collection will be available July 23rd at 10am AEST on the Australian site and on July 22nd at 7pm CST on the International site! Get ready!

These polishes were provided to me for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

Until next time, stay famous.

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