Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lilypad Lacquer - Nudes and Neutrals Collection


Hello all,

Luckily I've got some blogs prepped and ready to go because I BROKE MY PHONE! I've never broken a phone before. So I ever so intelligently decided against insurance. A candle fell on it and smashed it all up. So much sad. But - on the bright side - I've got some nude and neutral colours from Lilypad Lacquer to show you. They're chic, they're cremes, and they're appropriate for everything. Look!

Formula: Creme-filled
Colour: Dirty khaki creme. And that's a perfect description. It's definitely khaki but it does have a dusty tone to it. I find it perfect!

Outdoor Indirect Light

Formula: Smooth like a baby's bottom.
Colour: This one is a true nude on me.  It's a nude beige creme and it is simply delicious and classy.

Outdoor Indirect Light

Formula: Creme-y
Colour: This one is also a beige-y creme but it definitely throws more pink on me. Another classy colour that I find great for the office. Or even a night out. I think it just works really well.

Outdoor Indirect Light

Formula: Much smoother than cement. 
Colour: Grey cement creme. It's really a perfect grey. This one might be my favorite of the bunch.

Outdoor Indirect Light

Formula: As delicious as a macaroon. Unless you don't like macaroons..then it's as delicious as a dessert you like.
Colour: Dusty mauve/lavender creme. 

Outdoor Indirect Lighting

Formula: Insert face with heart eyes here.
Colour: This is more of a lavender pastel with stronger purple in it than Macaroon. This one is also a top creme for me.

Outdoor Indirect Light

There you have them! Now these will definitely look different on all sorts of skin tones and they're all extremely versatile. Whether you want to wear them as undies or if you want a creme mani you are good to go with these! Cement is probably my favorite with Haze right behind it. I just think they go well with a lot of things. I didn't have any issues with formula. All pictures show two coats with no top coat (they're shiny all on their own).

There's also a Blush Collection that goes along with these that are nude-y shades of pink and those are equally amazing. If my...sniff and camera wouldn't be out of commission I would show you those too I PROMISE! 

For restock info follow Lilypad Lacquer on Facebook. And head over to the shop for all things Lilypad!

These polishes were provided to me for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

Until next time, stay famous!

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