Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Anonymous Lacquer - Gemstone Collection - Ella Ann Exclusives


Hello all!

I have some shiny things to show you! So if you're at work or doing something important and are distracted by pretty, shiny things...stop what you're doing first so you don't hurt anyone. Five exclusive polishes by Anonymous Lacquer for Ella Ann Cosmetics. Gemstones. Yas. Each one is holo-rific and super twinkly thanks to sparks of silver sparkles. Lookie here...

Pink Sapphire

Formula: Easy to work with
Colour: Vibrant, deep pink (I might go with raspberry because of the depth of colour) holo with silver sparks.

Full Sunlight


London Blue Topaz

Formula: Like painting the ocean on your nails
Colour: A vibrant blue holo with silver sparks...like staring into the deepest part of the ocean with the sun hitting it so it's all sparkly...plus a rainbow.

Full Sunlight



Formula: Fantabulous
Colour: A deep, rich red holo with silver sparks. It really is a garnet on your nails.

Full Sunlight



Formula: See all above comments.
Colour: PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE holo with silver sparks. Yup. That's the actual description of an amethyst.

Full Sunlight


Rainbow Topaz

Formula: Gemstone-a-licious
Colour: Hmmm...This is a green (slightly teal) holo with silver sparks. It's my favorite of the bunch and it's seriously...amazing.

Full Sunlight


I loooooooove all of these. The added silver sparks in each polish give it an extra twinkle (that is hard to capture in just one picture). All of these are exclusive to Ella Ann Cosmetics! The formula, as I've found with every polish from this brand, is really great. It's easily controllable, not thick or goopy. 2 coats with no topcoat in all pictures. 

While I'm a sucker for all things purple - Rainbow Topaz stole my heart and my eyeballs. It's so perfect. All of them are perfect but that one is like extra awesome.

These will be available FRIDAY!!! Yes THIS Friday. Friday the 13th at Ella Ann Cosmetics at 9pm EST!. Grab them all if you can. You seriously won't regret it!

These polishes were provided to me for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

Until next time, stay famous!


  1. You did a fabtabulous job!!!! I am amazed at all your swatches they are just glowing!!!

    1. I can't take credit for that, love! The polishes are simply stunning!

  2. This is really beautiful Shades