Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lilypad Lacquer - Lime Spritzer and Sherbet Sprinkles

Hello all!

I literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed last week...the wrong side being the floor. Cracked two of my ribs. I swear I'm not REALLY a 90 year old...I just feel like one! But these colours will keep you young. Lime Spritzer and Sherbet Sprinkles are exclusives from the new Lilypad stockist, Ella Ann Cosmetics!!!! So let us begin.

Lime Spritzer:

Formula: Zingy, sassy, and awesome.
Colour: Bright sherbet lime holo with silver flecks like the little ice things that form on sherbet. Makes me hungry. Mmmmmmmmmm.


Shade...look at that brightness...oh my.

Sherbet Sprinkles:

Formula: Glitterific
Colour: Clear base packed with holo glitter and multi-coloured holo glitter particles. Simply sparkly!

Sun...ish - the sun was out and then not and then out and then not so I captured what I could when I could.

Shade - ohhhh the multicolour goodness!

I LOVE these exclusives. Harrrrrrd. They're bright. They're sparkly. They're happy. They're like wearing good summer shit on your nails. And they make me want sherbet. Shipping with Ella Ann was also super quick which makes me happy :) Formula on all of these was standard. I find Lilypad's formula to be extremely easy to work with.

You can find the exclusives at Ella Ann Cosmetics (and I do believe these 2 are currently in stock). So get yer toosh over there already!!!

Until next time, stay famous!

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