Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish - Dark Orchid, Amazonite Mermaid, Chuck's Berry, and 1000 Oceans


Hello all!

So I've never tried Grace-full Nail Polish before. I knew they were an Aussie brand (I'm unofficial Aussie so Aussie = YAY to me) I was like, "well HELL YEAH!". I am happy happy happy that I was asked to swatch these lovelies! So I get my swatch mail and I unwrap them and the first words out of my mouth..."OH MY BALLS!" or something to that extent. These are some pretty solid holos. They're part of the What a Girl Wants collection. I want them. Hard. So I shall now show you.

Dark Orchid

Formula: Aussie-tastic (that means great - easy to apply and control)
Colour:  Super holo dark berry orchid



Amazonite Mermaid

Formula: Lovely
Colour: Bright ass turquoise/tealish super holo



Chuck's Berry

Formula: Berry awesome
Colour: A bright ass pink super holo with flecks of other shimmery berry pinkness causing great sparkly blindness.



1000 Oceans

Formula: Oceany. Like waves just washing polish over my fingers and leaving behind greatly polished nails.
Colour: A classic bright blue super holo.



So these (and the entire What a Girl Wants collection) will be available on Friday, July 31 at 9:00pm Eastern) at Ella Ann Cosmetics!!!! These polishes are really solid holos. Like staple holos. Like go get them on Friday holos. I didn't have any formula issues (no pooling and very little cleanup required). All of these are shown with two coats plus top coat. I'm pretty freakin' impressed. It's like when you try a new food and you just aren't sure about it but it turns out to be delicious. Grace-full is like that new, delicious food. But it's new, delicious polish! WOOOO!

Go see Ella Ann Cosmetics on Facebook so you can keep up with alllllllllll the new polish she'll be getting in stock.

And go see Grace-full Nail Polish on Facebook too - so that you can see all the other colours she's got!

Now I'm gunna chow down on some steak and research VLOOKUPS for Excel...
(I'm really boring outside of polish....)

Until next time, YOU stay famous!

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