Sunday, July 5, 2015

Anonymous Lacquer - Vernal Time

Hello all!

While I'm sitting here trying not to scream and kick and yell and scream because the USA Women's Soccer Team is playing in the World Cup...I'm going to write a blog post! Life just won't slow down at the moment but when wearing this here colour by Anonymous will. It's like taking a moment to smell the flowers...but taking a moment to look at polish. This... is Vernal Time....

Formula: Easy to work with. No problems to report.
Colour: Bright green creme with bright blue shimmer. Dries satin like because of the bright nature of the polish so if you want it extra shiny...but that top coat on.
Number of coats: 2



This was my first experience with Anonymous Lacquer and let me's been wonderful. I won a giveaway and never received the prize (still haven't to this day and it's been about 11 weeks). The maker of Anonymous Lacquer totally stepped up and offered to send me something but I would much rather give my money to a maker who cares about her customers or potential customers so I picked up a few things and I am REALLY glad I did. I love this colour. And I'm now a big fan of the brand.

Buy Anonymous Lacquer here.

Keep your eyes peeled on Anonymous Lacquer's Facebook so that you can get updates on new collections and colours. It's totally worth it.

Before I throw my computer at the TV.

Tata for now.

Stay famous everyone.

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  1. This looks great on you!!. You have amazing nails!!! Eek thanks for posting/reveiw!!