Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lilypad Lacquer - Colour Shifters


Hello all!

Well, again, it's been a while. I turned another year older. My mom came out to visit. I'm workin' my butt off. And I'm still painting my nails on the daily. I have my priorities so straight that I will go without eating dinner just so that I can paint my nails and not have to wear the same polish to work ever. In fact, when I wear shifty polishes...even the men I work with notice. And they don't really give two shits what's going on with my nails most days. So these here colour shifting Lilypads are a hit at the office. Lookie lookie.


Formula: Pleasant
Colour: Just a really good shifter. Like a staple shifter. It goes from blue to teal to green to purple and then all the colours in between. It's deadly.


Sweet Viola

Formula: My cup o tea.
Colour: Violet purple shifting (totally just typed shitting) to a greenish blue-ish gold...ish.


Nymphs Desire

Formula: Multi-awesome
Colour: The mainnnn shifts you will see are a green to golden to blue but there's purples and the spectrum in there depending on lighting.


Southern Skies

Formula: FIRE
Colour: Ohhhh myyyyyy. It's like the sky on fire. Here we've got a pink orange red shifting beauty (main shifts) with various degrees of other colours in the spectrum. But seriously. Nails. On. Fire.



Formula: So good I can't even pronounce it.
Colour: Also I'm not sure how to pronounce this. Vy Oh Lay Shus? Vee Oh Lah Cee Oos. Whatever. It's freaking pretty. This is a pretty red toned violet purple blue shifter. Again, those are main shifts that I saw. There are spectrums of colour to all of these polishes if the light hits it right. But dayum.


Fire Flies

Formula: Can't think of anything funny to say for good.
Colour: This one is hard to explain for some reason. Probably because I'm at work. Not being sneaky because I'm on my lunch break but I have work brain. It's like a dusty gray sky with bursts of fiery golden pink. Yeah. Kind of like that.


Clover Rose

Colour: Makes me want to eat a caramel apple. It shifts really easily between a bright green and a toffee-ish orange colour and it makes me want a caramel apple or some type of caramel on something green I don't even care just let me eat it now. Polish is not edible. But it should be.


Cool Change

Formula: Cool
Colour: A bright shifter that easily goes from blue to purple to violet/pink. And it's kind of shimmery too...I like to think of this colour as a really great pick me up on a rainy day. Shifters are really great in shade and clouds. 


There you have them. They're all different and spectacular! All pictures shown are 3 thin/medium coats with NO BASE COAT. For some reason, multichromes do not like Nail Envy as a base on me and tend to go on better without a base. That might be different for you or you or you because everyone's chemicals are different. But seriously how lovely are these?! Tell me your faves. Mine are Clover Rose, Cool Change, and Fire Flies. LOVE!

Restock is set to happen June 30 - time unannounced as of now so keep an eye on Lilypad's Facebook and Instagram. She'll also have some more swatches of colours that are releasing that I don't have. And I bet they'll all be freakin' GORGEOUSSSSSSS!

Until next time, stay famous!

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