Friday, May 1, 2015

Lilypad Lacquer- The Diamonds Part 2


Hello all!

MORE DIAMONDS! Yes... more...there are more! There are more colours of these diamonds than there are colours in the rainbow!! WOOOOO! This means there's something for everyone! I would tell some long ass story but it's Friday and my brain is fried and the only thing I can currently think of is work and sleep. So to get my mind off of those things HERE'S SOME NAIL POLISH!

Emerald Diamond

Formula: Greatness
Colour: Deep teal/emerald crelly base with shim shimmery all over.


Blurred because...sparkle


White Diamond

Formula: Jelly-ful
Colour: White crelly base with SPARKS AND FLASHES (yes caps) of shimmering goodness.


SUPER hard to catch the sparks but you can see them better here in the shade.

Black Diamond

Formula: Pretty effing awesome
Colour: Black jelly base with shimmering flakieness.


Grey Diamond

Formula: Thinner than the others but easily buildable
Colour: Blue grey (like a blue healer doggie) with shimmering flake.


Red Diamond

Formula: Like a red gummy bear
Colour: Bright red jelly base filled with shimmer flake.


Navy Diamond

Formula: Easy peasy
Colour: Deep blackened navy jelly base (almost black) with shimmering flake.


Teal Diamond

Formula: Smooth like butta
Colour: Fantastical shimmering teal base with an extra dose of shimmering flake.



Formula: Purple
Colour: Bright royal purple shimmering base with shimmering flake.


Yep so I'm a purple whore and that means Purple Diamond is kind of my favorite thing ever. All of these are TWO COATS except for Grey Diamond which took three. Again, these are something different and a nice change of pace from my holo whore lifestyle. Personally, I am a fan of squishy colors. I like that different texture. Then I want peanut butter and jelly. NOMS. Anywho... ME LIKEY!

I'm not 100% sure when Lilypad will be restocking again but it'll be soon so keep those eyes peeled on her Facebook and Instagram for tantalizing swatches and RESTOCK UPDATESSSS!

These polishes were provided to me for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

Until next time, stay famous.

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