Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lilypad Lacquer - The Diamonds Part 1


Hello all!

I've been a busy bee at work and with my nails. I have about two billion swatches to bring to you from Lilypad! Who knew there were so many Diamonds?! I didn't. They're all a pop of bright jelly or crelly color with shimmering flakie-ing greatness! Now, I do have to be in the mood to use them because...I'm a bit of a holo whore and if I don't get my holo fix I go into a phase of longing and desperation. But here's part one of two...of...THE DIAMONDS!

Pink Diamond

Formula: Top notch
Colour: Bright ass pink jelly base with shimmering flakie goodness.


Plum Diamond

Formula: Great as usual
Colour: A mangeta-y plum jelly base with shimmering goodness throughout.


Violet Diamond

Formula: A bit sheer for my liking
Colour: Soft lavender/violet crelly base with pops of shimmering flakie all over.


Blue Diamond

Formula: Goodness
Colour: Bright blue jelly base with shimmers all overrrrrr.


Shade so you can really see those POPS

Nude Diamond

Formula: Super!
Colour: Toffee/latte nude with shimmering glowy stuffs all in it. Totally one of my favorites.


Yellow Diamond

Formula: Fantastic
Colour: Bright ass yellow jelly base shimmering with what I can only think are actual specks from the sun this color is freaking bright!


Lime Diamond

Formula: Issueless
Colour: Bright lime green jelly base with that diamond shimmer. It's super neon and neon freaks out my camera so these are as colour accurate as possible. It is BRIGHT as HELL though!


Orange Diamond

Formula: Jelly-licious
Colour: Bright orange jelly with sparks of the sun in it? That's all I can think it could be...


There are so many colors! They're all super happy. All of these have a jelly formula so if you aren't okay with any visible nail line, I would suggest layering them over a similar colour. All of these pictures show three coats of the polish. My favorite of this bunch is a tie between Orange and Nude Diamond because they were just really stunning on the nail. Violet Diamond made me a little sad that it wasn't as opaque as I wanted it but layering it shouldn't be a problem at all. 

If you're a holo whore like me but want a change - these are definitely a go. And if you're a jelly lover (of the polish kind...because doesn't everyone love some jam?) then these should be riiiiiiiight up your alley!

I'm not sure yet when Lilypad will be restocking - but it should be soon so keep an eye on her Facebook and Instagram!! Stalk away!

These polishes were provided to me for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

Until next time, stay famous!

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