Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lilypad Lacquer - Earth Shattering

Hello all!

Corporate America is still kicking my ass. ALMOST as much as this polish. So since I started working at a "reallllllll" job...I've changed my polish every day. I sleep. I work. I come home and eat. I paint my nails. And repeat. I wore this shit for THREEEEE DAYSSSSSSS! (It was on a Friday at work so I still have not worn the same polish twice at work). But Earth freaking fantastic. I was super excited when I saw that Lilypad was putting out some flakies and I can say that I haven't seen any (even through the flakie madness that's going on right now) like Earth Shattering. Just look.

Outside Cloudy Day 



Indoor Lighting

While you get the shift in any lighting...I love how it's soooo shimmery in direct light. And I love the massive shift you get in indirect lighting. LOVE LOVE LOVE! And as I'm writing this my evil cat is like screaming in the other room and that's my sign to make sure he isn't destroying all my things. Like cords. Or knocking polish over just to piss me off. 

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Until next time, stay famous!

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