Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer - Nature Child

Hello all!

I have a fantabulous grink (green+pink) from Lilypad's last restock for you today. Nature Child. The child of freaking nature. The whole time I was painting my nails I kept singing WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE by Guns 'n Roses. In my head of course. Not out loud. Maybe out loud for like a minute. Maybe. Anyway this color is SUPER GREAT! It's like a dusty green holo that flashes pink like no other. It made me wanna go camping for a good second until I realized there are no toilets or electricity or anything and then I enjoyed the heat of my own home never to think of camping again. Just to look at my nails. Lookie look!!

Outdoor Full Sunlight

Indoor Lighting

Artificial Lighting (don't mind my creeping pose on the second picture...I didn't realize it was so creepy until right about now)

Everyone needs this. Even if you aren't a "green person". This is everyone's color. It's like nature on your nails. You get the pretty green which could be like grass and trees and all those green things outside and then the flash of pink is like the sunset or flowers or anything that's pink outside. NGHHHH! Love it. So hard. Two coats plus top coat in all pictures. No formula issues. It's so much love.

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Until next time, stay famous!


  1. This is so gorgeous on you!! your making me want to go to the jungle! I may have to break down & grab it!! Thank you for the beautiful swatches!!

  2. Ooh, once my post starts up again I think my order will be here. Can't wait to see this one.