Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer - Mercredi

Hello all!!

Everyone (including myself) has been drooling over Lilypad's Pshiit exclusive Addam's Family Collection! I nearly died when I saw Mercredi. And she's a difficult one to explain. She's definitely got a reddish maroonish base but she has this glow. She shimmers in pink in some lights and more of a gold in other lights. But that glowy shimmer is what really brings this pretty to life. In the sun, the super rainbow nature of the polish blinds you and takes over that shimmer a bit. Indoors that pink shimmer REALLY comes out to play and THAT...THAT shimmer...could kill you. Look!

Outdoor Full Sunlight
Here Mercredi's base color shows quite nicely. And while I was spinning around in circles getting different angles of sun, different dimensions of the polish came out. So I kind of took a lot of pictures....


You can really tell that the shimmer is in there in the shade.

Indoor Lighting

HERE you can see little pink sparks dancing.

Artificial Lighting

Since it was soooo hard to capture that special shimmer...the artificial lighting really brought it out. I know we don't all live in this lighting but it's definitely apparent without an OttLite. It was just easier to capture with a camera.

AND BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Loooooook at the shimmer!

This is probably my favorite of the collection. The depth of color and shimmer just really amazed me and I've probably worn this color at least three times (which is a lot for me in a short period of time). I wore it my first day at my new job and got tons of compliments. Not that I ever give people a choice. My mannerisms ensure that people will look at my nails. And if they don't I just shove my hand in their face and say LOOK AT MY NAILS!

Formula was fantastic. Two coats plus top coat in all pictures. I freaking love this polish and the whole collection but this one realllllllly stole my heart and my eyeballs. 

This polish, along with the others from the Addam's Family Collection are part of a Pshiiit exclusive collection. I *believe* they are currently sold out but keep your eyes open for them. Because you need them - and that's an understatement.

Until next time, stay famous!

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