Friday, August 1, 2014

Bear Pawlish - Maleficent

Hello all!

Bear Pawlish is a new to me brand but when I saw this color I nearly peed myself. I knew I had to have it. Maleficent is a GORGEOUS bright blurple. It leans more blue or purple depending on lighting but it'll burn your eyes out! Particularly in the sun - it's super neon looking. Indoors it's just as amazing but not as "I'M BLIND"! Just look at the pictures because words won't explain it properly...

Outdoor Full Sunlight

Holy crap!

Indoor blurred to show more purple and holo


Overall I was EXTREMELY impressed with the color. This is just about a one coater but I used two coats for all photos plus topcoat. The formula was a little on the thicker side but I could still work with it. For color like's very very worth it. It's a top in my collection. 

You can find Bear Pawlish at her shop! And follow on Facebook!

Until next time, stay famous!

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