Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Glittering Elements - Queen of the Mermaids - June 2014 What's In-die Box

Hello all!

The last of the June What's In-die Box polishes. I have a sad. I need more. But this Glittering Elements is no disappointment. I opened my box in terrible lighting and I was like oh okay a blue. Um no. I was so wrong. Light hits this squishy blue shimmery holo rainbow jelly and it's like HOLY CRAP! Wear a diaper or something.You'll pee yourself. It's quite awesome. The real life queen of the mermaids would totally wear this color on her nails. And her fin thing would probably be this color too because...she's the queen. It's got shimmers in it that give it the extra WOOHOOOOOOOOO! Take a look!

Outdoor Full Sunlight

Outdoor MACRO

Indoor Lighting

Shade MACRO look at all those shimmers that make it all mermaid-y. Uh yes please.

THIS WHOLE BOX!!!!! Super original. Queen of the Mermaids has a lot of depth with the added flakie-like shimmer. And it's squishy. hehehehehe. I love it. Formula was good. Thinner than what I'm used to but no pooling or anything and easily controllable. Two coats plus top coat in all pictures. Mermaid love. On my nails.

You can grab the monthly What's In-die Box here!

Until next time, stay famous!

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