Saturday, July 12, 2014

Glam Polish - Don't Make Me Blush - What's In-die Box June 2014

Hello all!!

Another polish from June's 1 year anniversary What's In-die Box! This Glam so effing sparkly. It sparkles, it twinkles, it twarkles! It it so shimmery and sparkly that it looks like the sun is hiding out in the polish. It's a gorgeous coral holo with fiery sparks of pinkish red glowy shimmers. It's absolutely stunning. Take a look. 

Outdoor Full Sunlight

I told you the sun is literally ON my nails...

Indoor Indirect Light (coming in through a window)

Indoor Lighting 

Here you can see those sparks of fire in this polish!

Outdoor MACRO

This color is awesome! The formula was easy to work with - not too thick not too thin - easily controllable. Two coats plus top coat in all the pictures here. It's quite a distracting color because of all the twinkling going on. It's not your ordinary coral. It's kicked up just a notch. Like a swift kick in the face of color and shimmery twinklyness. Yes, it's just awesome. I sat outside just moving my fingers around completely and utterly amused at my nails. Hell, my neighbors already think I'm nuts so I'm fine being the crazy lady who wits on her patio all day. Even inside it's amusing staring at the sparks in this polish.

This box is no longer available but you can find each monthly What's In-die Box here! It's totally worth it. 

Until next time, stay famous!

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  1. OMG! Such a awesome, cool, beautiful shot on the sunlight *o* nice review also :D