Monday, July 7, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Swatchathonnnn!

Hello all!

Prepare yourselves. Seriously. Because Carpe Noctem hit these suckas outta the freakin' park! Seawitch, Flounder, and Princess Ariel are from the In The Grotto Collection (Little Mermain themed if ya can't tell by the names). They're all super accurately named. Seawitch is a deep, glowy purple jelly that is uber holo. Flounder is a bright yellow holo jelly with iridescent glitter that looks like fishy scales and bright blue glitter in different sizes. Princess Ariel is a bright hot red jelly...just like her hair. I also managed to win a naming game!! So Aurora Corealis is an awesome bright coral holo jelly that flashes pink. They are all gorg. So again...prepare...


Outdoor Full Sunlight


Outdoor Full Sunlight

Indoor Lighting to show the brightness of that yellow!

Princess Ariel

Outdoor Full Sunlight


Aurora Corealis 

Outdoor Full Sunlight


So um it goes without saying I effing love them all. Emily makes perfect jellies. All of these were opaque in two medium coats. Seawitch and Princess Ariel have this gorgeous glow to them while maintaining the perfect squishy qualities of a jelly. And Emily knows how to make a perfect jelly. Aurora Corealis is just gorgeous in its own right. It's got all the perfect pops of color where it needs it. Flounder is adorable and it really is that adorable fish in a bottle of polish. Ugh I love them hard.

You can find all these colors and more at the Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Etsy Shop! I recommend you check out everything. Because...I said so.....

Until next time, stay famous!

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