Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blank Label - Scrubs, Soaks, and Butter, Oh My!

Hello all!

We all use different things for our skin/hand/nail/body/face/everything care. I'm a huge lotion, scrub, and cuticle oil junkie when it comes to my hands. Well somehow I lucked out to have a friend who knows how to do those things. And she does those things really, really, really well. For my bday, Desiree from Blank Label (she's also a blogger...go see her nails on Facebook) sent me Acai the Truth  body scrub (bottom left), Bluffin' Muffin Body Butter (top left), Minted Lemons Foot Soak (top right), and Fruity Phalanges Mani Soak (bottom right). Along with an awesome custom from Northern Star ;) I nearly died opening the package because it smelled like heaven already! So I'm just going to tell you what I experienced with each of these products because uh...I've never written a post about anything other than polish. But if you polish your fingers or'll wanna know about this stuff.

Fruity Phalanges Mani Soak

I can't say enough good things about this. It smelled heavenly which was the first thing I noticed. I couldn't put my finger on it an then AHA! It smells just like Fruit Loops. I was soaking my hands and even my boyfriend asked me if I was eating Fruit Loops and then got all sorts of angry to find out we didn't have a box in the house. I'm sure he would have drank the water I was soaking in if I didn't pour it out faster than he could get to it. I used this before doing my cuticle routine and it made my cuticle removal a breeze! My cuticles were soft. My hands were soft. I got to play around with the mango butter pieces while I was soaking. In. Love. Here's Desiree's description:

Fruity Phalanges Mani Soak- Lemongrass, bergamot and Dead Sea Salts mixed with chunks of mango butter and a small amount of fizz help soften and soothe your fingers and prep them perfectly for a stellar manicure! Sprinkle a tiny amount of this into a dish of water as warm/hot as you can stand and smooth the mango butter pieces over your cuticles for sheer manicure perfection.

Minted Lemons Foot Soak

Okay now this one I really really loved. I live in super dry, warm climate. And I wear sandals all the time because...well I can. So I have come to accept that I will normally have dry heels and feet in general. That coupled with standing and doing dishes for long periods of time (no I do not wash every dish right after I use it) or just having tired feet and legs in general makes for sore, dry feet. Well I died and went to heaven when my feet hit the water after sprinkling this in. The mint is refreshing and the warm water is soothing. My feet felt amazing. I even had to call my mother afterwards (well FaceTime..which is like Skype) to show her that my heels weren't cracked and dry anymore. When I wiped the water off my feet my dead wiped off revealing a baby bottom - like texture that I haven't seen in a long, long time. Here's the full description:

Minted Lemons Foot Soak- Coconut milk powder and Dead Sea Salts blend with meadowfoam oil, lemon essential oil, and peppermint in this fizzing foot soak blend. Perfect for uplifting and and easing sore legs as well as softening tough skin. Just sprinkle to your hearts content into a basin of warm water and relax your tired soles. 

Acai the Truth Body Scrub

I was skeptical of this at first because I use a body scrub (usually for my hands since removing polish often tends to dry them out quickly) and I love it. Lush's Ocean Salt. The first thing that won me over with Acai the Truth was the smell. Peach and passionfruit filled the air when I opened the jar. If any of you have used the Lush doesn't smell like you wanna eat it. It doesn't smell bad by any means but it sure as hell doesn't smell like this stuff. This also doesn't leave behind some super greasy residue. It just leaves behind a soft, protective layer. When I use the Lush, I usually lotion afterwards but this doesn't even need that! So I would have to say this is definitely up to par with some fancy Lush scrubs. It. Was. Awesome. Here's the full description:

Acai The Truth Body Scrub- A luxurious blend of acai butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil are folded in together with fine sugar to create the perfect exfoliant for all over your body (minus the face, of course!). This scrub comes scented with a delicious blend of peach and passionflower but we always offer it unscented for those who prefer the au natural route.

Bluffin' Muffin Body Butter

I have a weird need to have my life smell like I'm baking something at every moment. Especially blueberry muffins. Because I just like eating and smelling them. This butter...oh man...this butter. I was advised not to eat it. But I came close to it because it smells SO FREAKING GOOD! What I like about this butter is that while it does absorb easily, after I put it on I still have time to massage it into my cuticles for extra moisture there before it completely soaks in. So it's not like a quick absorbing's a creamy, dreamy, butter. And it has staying power. If I put it on before I go to bed, I wake up and my hands are still all soft and delicious. Yep. Delicious. I'm also allergic to almost everything in the world and end up more often than not with hives and rashes on my hands and this butter calmed it all down. Here's the full description:

Bluffin' Muffin Body Butter- This decadent, paraben free, body butter is fast absorbing and will leave your skin feeling insanely soft. Formulated with shea butter, avocado oil, and cocoa butter this stuff will soothe and calm skin back to its intended, glorious state. Perfect for all over the body, including your roughest spots. This one comes in a variety of scents - I'll also be advertising Honey Loves Lavender and the Fruit Loops smelling one (lemongrass and bergamot) for this season and then I'll be having pumpkin ones come fall with pumpkin seed extract.

Now that I'm should be too! Blank Label will be opening up shop TODAY - July 31st at 5:00pm PDT! Here's the shop! Also check out Blank Label's Facebook for product info and updates and such!

Until next time, stay famous!


  1. Everything sounds amazing, I feel I have no choice but to click over..... :D

    1. I totally ordered more foot soak and some TIRAMISU cuticle oil. Mmmmm!