Monday, June 2, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer - The Summer Sorbets


Hello all!

I'm still alive. Kind of. In my moments of livelihood I have managed to swatch some!! Yayyyyyyyy! I still don't feel well but I'm working on it. Hopefully sooner rather than later I'll be back posting very regularly and bugging everyone with one million nail posts. But oh boy do I have a GREAT collection for you. When I say great I mean eating melting ice cream or popsicles outside when it's all hot out and relaxing by some form of water (ocean, lake, pool, puddle...WHO CARES IT'S SUMMER). And these Lilypads SCREAM summer. The whole collection is an Llarowe exclusive so if you wanna get your hands on them...or them on your hands...head over there. I'll post a link at the bottom.

Musky - Full Sunlight

Musky is a super cute pink (that doesn't lobster me out..whaaaaat) holo. It's shimmery and rainbow and just plain friggin awesome. 

Passion - Full Sunlight

Passion is PURPLE! So of course I was all over it. It's pastel. It's purple. It's mine. All mine. This one is also shimmery and rainbow. When I say shimmery I mean that it appears to have small silvery shimmers throughout. And it really makes this more than just a pastel. It makes it more awesomerest. Mmhmm. It's a word.

Lemony - Full Sunlight

Lemony is FANTASTIC! I'm kind of scared of yellows. I never know how they'll look on me and if they'll make my hands fall off but holy crap. This reminds of lemon sorbet. It's got a nice, warm glow to it also that's hard to explain other than glowy. Not glows. And I wanna eat it.

Peachy - Full Sunlight

Peachy is another awesometastic shade. It's got more of a coral hued pink to it than Musky and it's equally as awesome. Another glowy one. Rainbows and pretty things like this make me happy even when ill. I really wasn't sure how this would go with my skin tone but it definitely works and it still feels like summer happened on my nails. Ugh. The pretty.

Minty - Full Sunlight

Okay Minty really blew me away. It's a BRIGHT ASS pastel. And I think it would look good on anyone. It FELT good wearing it. This one is shimmery and rainbow and dear lord I want everything in my life to be this color. That is how much I love it.

Sherbet - Full Sunlight

Blue blue blue blue shimmaaaaa! I love this blue. It's like painting your nails with the summer sky full of rainbows and shimmery goodness. Imagine a completely clear summer day...except there are rainbows in the sky that twinkle. That would be what's on your nails wearing Sherbet. Seriously.

This WHOLE collection is awesome. I will go so far as saying it's my favorite pastel collection of the summer because I don't really know if anything will top it. The subtleties in the polish with shimmers or glowiness just make each one a more unique version of some classic summer shades. All of the pictures have two medium coats plus top coat. No formula issues. Just fantasticalness on the nails. 

Again, these are all part of an Llarowe exclusive collection so you'll have to head over there to get them. I can't pick one as a favorite because I would wear any of them depending on my mood or what I want to eat (particularly popsicles). But if you want a good dose of summer on your nails...this collection is it.

These polishes were provided to me for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

As always, stay famous...

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