Monday, June 16, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer - I'm All Yours - What's In-die Box June 2014

Hello all!

I got a SUPER SUPER SUPER special something stashed in my What's In-die Box One Year Anniversary June box! June is also my birthday month and I've been playing some fake slot machine game on my computer (I have no life haha) and I've been winning big so I knew luck was on my side. For the 1 year anniversary, What's In-die Box gave away 10 one of a kind polishes (2 from each maker) for the all holo box! And holy crap. Lilypad made the perfect one. I'm All awesome sauce. It's shifty from all sorts of pink and purple and blurple glowy shades with some golden shifts and just all over amazingness. So I went ahead and took two million thousand billion pictures of it. As usual....

Outdoor Direct Sunlight


You can really see some of the purple and blueish blurple coming out to play in the shade

Indoor Regular Lighting

I was sitting on the couch...THIS is what it looks like just sitting on the couch..holy crap.


All of these were taken inside at various angles. And when I got a good angle I stopped breathing so as not to disturb the fantasticalness of the shifty kick assness of what I was seeing.

Well holy crap I'm a lucky duck. The whole box is awesome. But this special little pretty...I just love it. I might end up cuddling it while I sleep. Maybe take it places with me and call it my BFF. It's so pretty. Stay tuned for more of the colors that came in the box. But this one will be on my nails for a bit :)

You can grab your What's In-die Box here. July's theme is Animals! Brands for July's box include:

Glam Polish
Lilypad Lacquer
Peita's Polish
Shades of Phoenix
Smudged Polish

Get on it!

Until next time, stay famous!

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