Monday, March 3, 2014

Pahlish - My Bespoke Psychopath

Hello all!

Oh my dear! Pahlish got it so right with this color! Now - purple is my favorite color on the face of the planet. If I could paint myself in polish it would be purple holo. Now this purple holo...oh man. My Bespoke Psychopath is part of Pahlish's Doctor Who inspired collection. I don't watch the show (GASP I know) but I bet it's awesome as this polish. It's a deep bright purple if that makes sense with pink glitters and flakies in it!!!!!!!! Let me contain my excitement. It's effing awesome. The reason I say it's deep and bright is because outside it totally comes to life with the purple. The glitters and flakies totally shine outside too. Here we go...

Outdoor Full Sunlight

Indoor Lighting

See the flakies above and below? Ohhhh yes!

I'll just leave this here...

Super happy with this color. It does dry slightly textured so I would highly recommend a coat or two of top coat for that nice wet look. Two coats plus top coat in all pictures. Formula was easy to work with. When I sealed the tips of my nails I did get a piece of glitter on there which snagged and chipped my mani (insert extreme sad face here) so I would recommend caution while sealing and make sure it's all even and no rough spots. Go get it. Seriously.

You can find/buy Pahlish here.

Find Pahlish on Facebook and Instagram for restock and launch news. They have an Elton John inspired collection in the works and it looks AWESOME!

Until next time...

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  1. Gorgeous!! This is truly a unique holo!! Needs a topcoat coz it dries differently but my top coat did not dull the holo at all!