Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Holo Grail Box - Too Fancy Lacquer - Mesmerized

Hello all!!


If you do not want to see the awesome Too Fancy Lacquer from March's Holo Grail not scroll any further!!! But you really should...

Well holy purple! Too Fancy Lacquer's Mesmerized is perfect for my purple lovin' self. Seriously. It's vibrant purple with a slight pink shiftiness to it and of course - holographic. I also saw some tiny little blue shimmers in the bottle but couldn't manage to capture them on the nail. Just stunning. Gimme purple. Gimme rainbows. I'll be set. Staring at my nails all day. If you love purple - this will totally satisfy your polish loving soul because it's amazingtastic! The whole Holo Grail Box thus far is just kicking my butt with all the colors. I love them. A lot. My apologies in advance for the amount of pictures I took. I couldn't stop myself. Have a look...

Outdoor Full Sunlight

Indoor Lighting

Oh mannnnnnn! Just look at it! It's definitely a top purple for me. The polish doesn't dry super shiny so I'd recommend a good top coat if you want the super glossy look ;) It's gorgeous any way you wanna wear it. No formula problems. Easy to control, love the flat brush. Dry time is very fast. Two coats plus top coat in all pictures. Just really lovin' it.

You can find The Holo Grail Box at DAZZLED! April is currently sold out (its theme is Meet the Makers Part II). Check out DAZZLED on Facebook. They take recommendations on the themes and if yours is picked, you get that box free! Awesome sauce, isn't it?

The box is about $70USD but when you break it down it comes to around $17USD shipped per polish. AND it's international. So I'd say you can't really beat that and it's definitely worth it. Go now and find your holo grail (because more than likely it's hiding in that box)!

Until next time, stay famous...

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