Friday, March 28, 2014

March Holo Grail Box - Lilypad Lacquer - Nature's Gift


If you don't want to see the Lilypad from Dazzled's March Holo Grail Box - Meet the Makers do not look any further!! It's super awesomeness I wouldn't blame you for scrolling through :)

Lilypad's Nature's Gift is so extremely unique. I have never seen anything like it. Ever. Holy. Crap. It's a holo shifter with shimmer and flakies. It shifts from different shades of green to purple with green shimmers and purple shimmers and gold flakies. It is SO multidimensional and just simply mesmerizing. It's also extremely appropriately named. It's everything good in nature in polish form - including rainbows. I can't even make up words for how awesome this color is. So just look. And if you're ever lucky enough to find one - get it. It's just that awesome.

Outdoor Full Sunlight

Indoor Lighting

You can see the purpley shimmers quite well at different angles.

See the flakies are very apparent giving the polish an extra sparkle and dimension.


Really...I have no words. It's just so beautiful. I'm completely blown away. Shown is two coats plus top coat in all pictures (you could get away with a single coat with this one but I always do 2...habit). No formula issues at all. I'm just completely infatuated in every aspect.

You can find the Holo Grail Box at DAZZLED. April's Theme is Meet the Makers Part II with the other brands participating in the box. You can also win your own box from Dazzled by making recommendations on Dazzled's Facebook. If your theme is chosen you get that box for free! 

I'm super pleased with the box and can't wait to get to the others in the box! What do you think??

Until next time, stay famous...