Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Holo Grail Box - Aly's Dream Polish

Hello all!!


If you do not want to see the Aly's Dream Polish contribution to March's Holo Grail Box do not scroll any further. But you should. Do it. Scroll away.....

I omitted the name from the post title because it'll give away the color. Aly's Dream Polish PINKBERRY! It's most definitely pink. It has pretty blue shimmers throughout the polish with some scattered holo. Now...I'm not a pink person. I'm not very girly at all (aside from painting my nails 24/7). This color is growing on me a bit. I can definitely see it on my toes at the beach peeking through the sand. The base isn't a neon's more bubblegummy and the blue shimmers are hard to capture on camera but they're extremely apparent in real life. Take a look!!!

Outdoor Full Sunlight

Indoor Lighting


Pink fans, you will absolutely love this color! Super cute, super feminine, super girly! It's a fun play on pink. I expected this, when seeing it in the bottle, to be similar to Hottest Pink, but it definitely isn't. It's quite different. Just a fun play on colors, and a great addition to the box (so far making it a shifty green purple gold, a purple, and a pink). Even if this color doesn't suit my personality - I think it still makes the Holo Grail Box a good pick for anyone. March's box was full of variety. Now to wait for the Foxy Paws to arrive (it'll be my first!).

You can find the Holo Grail Box at DAZZLED! April's theme is Meet the Makers: Part II but it's all sold out. I'd suggest heading over to DAZZLED's Facebook page - they take recommendations on the monthly themes and if your idea is chosen - you get that month's box for free! Wooooohoooooo! 

Any thoughts on the box thus far? I'd love to hear them!!

Until next time, stay famous...

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