Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer - Magic Happens

Hello, all!

Well holy smokes! If you can't tell by now - Lilypad is pretty much my favorite brand. So it's no surprise that Magic Happens is magical. In every way. It's a purply blueish base with these tealish sparkles (like how I added ish to everything because I can't quite explain the awesome magicalness of this all?). It twinkles it sparkles it rainbows it awesomes. I. Love. It.  I totally got a compliment at Starbucks and busted out my phone to show the barista all the pictures I took of my nails...that's not weird at all. I even wrote down all the info for the polish...again...totally normal...

Outdoor Full Sunlight

LOOK! LOOK AT THAT TWARKLE (twinkle + sparkle)

Indoor Lighting

Trying to catch those shimmers in there

There! Look I got some!!


Annnnd leaving this here...

Well this was pure magic on my nails. I loved everything from the color to the twarkle to the formula. Two coats plus top coat. Ugh. My eyes want to explode. This polish is limited edition. Go get it. Immediately.

You can find LilypadLacquer on EtsyNorway NailsBeauty So FlySally MagpiesLlarowe, and Femme Fatale Cosmetics

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Until next time....