Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Family Style! Lilypad Lacquer - The Perfect Horizon and Diamond in the Rough

Hello, all!

My grandparents have been staying with me this past week! They're extremely German and it's pretty awesome. So when we found a German butcher in the area...my grammie wanted her nails glitzed up! I recommended some bright blues and purples. She turned them all down. Then she saw Diamond in the Rough. Classy, glitzy, glamour. It's so sparkly and awesome. It was perfect for her. I went with a shifty perdy called the Perfect Horizon for myself! It shifts from pink to gold to copper and there's even some blue in there! So here's some pictures from my family polish adventure.

The Perfect Horizon

Outdoor Full Sunglight

Indoor Lighting


You can really see more of the shift here! Swoony swoon swoon!

And I'll leave this here...

Diamond in the Rough
Indoor Light

Two generations of nails...

It was pretty awesome getting my grammie's nails all pretty. I love the color she picked (she does too). The Perfect Horizon is freakin' awesome. Shifty, classy goodness. So glorious. Two coats plus top coat for both polishes. Diamond in the Rough does dry slightly textured because it's got some micro glitter but a top coat fixes that and doesn't diminish any of the SPARKLY GOODNESS! Just a note: The Perfect Horizon is a limited edition polish so get your hands on it (or it on your hands ASAP)

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  1. This post made my heart so happy!!! You and your Grammie's nails look spectacular! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Awww thanks Rachel <3 I had a great time! She kept yellin' at my grandpa to look at them when the sun hit them haha!