Thursday, January 23, 2014

Takko Lacquer - Spirited Away and Createur

Hello, lovelies!

I've got two new Takkos for you today! Spirited Away is described as "a bright purple packed with blue-green-silver shimmer and linear & scattered holo <3". I found it a bit more pink than purple but that shimmer is definitely prevalent! Createur is described as "a black polish filled with golden shimmer and linear & scattered holo <3". It's nice and dark but the gold shimmer gives the black a whole new dimension! Please excuse the creepy hand poses. I just couldn't figure out a pretty way to hold them haha. This post is SUPER picture heavy. Prepare your eyes. And attention span. And let my hands creep on you.

Spirited Away

Outdoor Full Sunlight

Indoor Lighting

Annnnnd I'l leave this here...


Outdoor Full Sunlight

Indoor Lighting

And I'll leave this one here....

All pictures are shown with two coats plus topcoat. The polish doesn't dry matte...but it's not super shiny so if you want that glossy look I'd recommend a good topcoat :) Both colors are super pretty. While I might have wanted a little more purple out of Spirited Away - it's still pretty awesome! 

You can find Takko Lacquer here or on Llarowe.

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