Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer - Red Pearl

Hey, everyone!

Soooo wow Lilypad's Red Pearl is ON FIRE! The sparks of coppery red seriously make your nails flash! I can barely contain myself. I knew immediately when I saw this I had to have it. And so the story goes it's now on my nails! All of the pearls (black, green, red, pretty pearl are the ones I currently have) are awesomely amazing. Instead of me trying to describe this stunner I shall show you pictures. On top of it being fiercely's also fiercely hard to capture. So I took a million pictures in different lighting since the twitch of a finger could make this polish shift differently. Enjoy!

Outdoor Full Sunlight

The coppery red shines right on through. It's like a swift punch in the face of color!

Indoor lighting

Here's some of the coppery red. So good. So. Good.

And some shade shots

You can really see the underlying color and the shimmer in there.

Here. This picture perfectly explains the sparks of color in this polish. 

And I'll just leave this here...

I've got more pearls coming. I was going to swatch them all in one post but seriously once you get one on your nails you can't take it off. So I'll slowly be bringing more of the pearls to you. In all their firey glory. My jaw seriously dropped after the first swipe on my nail. I've even paused a few times while writing this to just take a glimpse of my nails. So much drooling. So much goodness.

You can find Lilypad Lacquer on Etsy (she's opening back up with limited stock on Feb 1st!), Norway NailsBeauty So FlySally MagpiesLlarowe, or Femme Fatale Cosmetics!

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  1. what a super thorough post of Red Pearl!!! She is definitely a stunner and worth adding to any collection! Thank you for the amazing swatches!!!

    1. Thanks, love! Photos still can't capture the beauty of this one! She's a perdyyyy one!